The big fat Lion King

Once upon a time, in a land where the sun is always warm and golden, lived a lion who was too fat.

He was supposed to be the leader of the pack, but he struggled with the task because of his big belly. He couldn’t move freely and he would become exhausted really quickly when trying to run for a few meters. The last time he had tried to jump he had landed with a thud before stumbling and rolling over, ending up on his back, panting.

His family loved him. He was their beloved husband, father and grandfather. No one could understand how it was possible for a lion to become so fat. Lions NEVER have big tummies. Normally speaking. So what was going on with their own Lion King?

When the lion leader saw that his pack did not have enough to eat and that he did not manage to hunt for them, he had had enough. He set off to talk to the Oracle about this problem.

The Oracle was a wise old lady who had lived out in the wild so long she had stepped out of time and transformed into something between human and animal. She asked no questions to the exhausted, sweet Lion King, simply read his mind and showed him the burning of the word PROBLEM and the replacing of it with the word PUZZLE. Her voice then echoed only in his head when she said:

“What is the puzzle you are being asked to crack here? What is given to your pack in this situation? This is a great day. Use it.”

The Lion King walked back home. Puzzled. Literally.

Once back on the field with his family he called them all to a gathering.

“Beloveds. As you can all see I have a big, fat belly. I cannot hunt anymore. This calls for a change. I hereby appoint three new hunters for the family, to assure everyone has enough to eat. I will take care of the small ones as my grandson and my two daughters share the hunting responsibility. I can still defend us but I lack the speed that hunting requires.”

The last years of his life, the Lion King enjoyed playing and resting with his grandchildren and they enjoyed sleeping on his big, soft belly.

And so it is that the family of the big fat Lion King brought forth the best hunters of all the wild fields together.

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