Lonely Duck

Lonely Duck was his name.

He used to be a part of the six-headed flock sailing the pond like one living ship. But one day, a long time ago, a really big, strong duck joined the flock and Lonely Duck was kicked out. He was not so big and not so strong and therefore easy to chase away.

The other ducks in the flock accepted the new big guy, even though his colours were different and the patterns on his wings unfamiliar. He was, after all, REALLY big and strong.

Lonely Duck stayed around, swam in the same pond and came running every time people brought bread. He was always bitten a few times by his old flock members just to make sure he wouldn’t forget that he was not a part of the group anymore, but he just went about his own business.

The remarkable thing that happened next was that Lonely Duck made new friends. He became friends with a lady and her dogs. With two ravens. With the turtles that lived in the pond. He even discovered he could speak different languages.

The big duck who had pushed Lonely Duck out of his flock got sick one day. He started coughing and had problems breathing. He tried to eat but got weaker and weaker. One sunny morning in May, he passed away.

The flock approached Lonely Duck to let him know that there was now a place vacant in the group again. Lonely Duck politely said no.

“I am used to this life now, I would rather keep living it just the way it is. I have great friends who like me the way I am.”

And he swam off.

On his own.


but never lonely anymore.


And since Lonely Duck is not lonely,

He now goes under the name Freedom.





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