Mother Goose and the Queen Swan

Once upon a time, high up in the crispy cold of the mountains, lived a magic swan.

In the silvery light of the moon she floated across the mountain lake with regal beauty. Shimmering and sparkling she soothed the hearts of any being awake in the night hours.

She had so much love within her and wished for nothing but to swim in the lake and to love the moon with every feather of her dreamlike being. The moon loved her right back and the two of them seemed to increase the silver healing tenfold together. You could hardly tell who was emanating the light, the moon or the swan.

The beings who were not awake in the nighttime, knew nothing of this spellbinding magic. Nor the light or the swan. During the sunny, cold, daily hours, there was only an old, brown, ragged gooselike being swimming around in the crystal clear water.

All the other animals seemed to know her and she was never alone. She was not pleasing to the eye. Her feathers looked dusty and had lost their shine. In fact, she was hardly noticed. By the daytime beings that is. The creatures of the night knew that once the sun went down and handed over the power to Sister Moon, the old goose would dive down into the silvery mirror for a long time and then silently resurface in all of her glittering glory as the Queen Swan.

Little green frog who knew her well in both shapes, got curious and asked her one night if she wouldn’t rather be only the glorious swan instead of flapping around as an old brown goose during daytime?

“If I had to choose, I would choose the goose”, replied the swan in her silky white glow. “Mother Goose is dearly loved and knows everybody. No one is afraid to get close. Her life is warm and shared with many beings, big and small. This Moonlight Swan swims with magic surrounding her, but she is alone. Only Sister Moon dares to love her fully. All the other beings enjoy her beauty but keep their distance. Except you, little frog.”

And she arched her long, gracious neck and placed a kiss on his head. Frog froze and coughed and almost fell off the leaf he was sitting on.

Swan swam away in the mystic light, already longing for the morning when Mother Goose would make everything and everyone real again.

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