The Rhino and the Tree

Once upon a time, in the pulsing heat of the ancient world, Mother Earth decided to send a Guardian to the physical world. One that would be strong enough to thrive in the coldness of spirit prevalent in the world. This Guardian would also have to be big enough to hold our akashic archives.

She chose the Rhinoceros for this honourable task. In different places of the ancient world, the Rhinoceros manifested from this loving intention.

Through aeons of lovelessness, the brave Rhino used their thick shield to just BE and hold space in the midst of darkness. They did not think and were therefore strong. Only on the cruellest of days, when they had witnessed and experienced too many atrocities, they wavered in their light.

So Mother Earth sent them special trees to keep the connection to her strong and healthy and frankly to cheer these precious love warriors up.

The frail trees that resembled bushes more than trees, were the sweetest spirits you could imagine. They sang to the giant ancients in the most angelic voices and offered lightness through their crisp and waterfilled leaves.

This marriage thrived for thousands of years, as long as it was needed.

When the Rhinos started to return to the formless world because of new kinds of energies asking for new kinds of protection, the trees went with them.

In fact, if the Rhinos could tell you anything right now, it would be this:

“If you miss us, all you have to do is to dive into the mirrored world, where we still live, love and thrive, together with our tree angels. Other warriors will arrive, new frequencies, colours and marriages. Trust this.




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