The Tree Council

Did you know that there are councils for trees? Meetings for mighty, kind giants who talk about, or rather, sing about all the things that matter to them.

In the fairest of voices they paint their concerns and joys. There are enough sincere compliments sung on these meetings to make the most radiant of human families jealous.

This week they all sing about the miracle of the blooming of the Chestnut Tree.

Stronger buds than you have ever seen, round and appetizing to the eye, deliciously sticky. The trunk is spiralled like lukewarm, risen dough.

This tree spirit has one of the most beautiful songs you will ever hear. If you lean up against an awaking Chestnut Tree and find yourself tearing up, it is because your heart can hear the song.

This tree is like the Norse Gods in its uncompromising life force and miraculous buds. They open up like flowers and then deliquefy to become thorny green messages, hiding chestnut perfection.

If you have anything you would like to discuss with a wise, loving soul right now, go sit under a Chestnut Tree for a while. You will be astonished by what comes up within you. And you will recognize the voice of the tree spirit really soon.

The tree council has gathered. Next time other urgent matters will be sung.

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