The hymn of the Elephants

The hymn of the Elephants is one of Mother Earth’s saddest songs.

It is the story of broken, splintered, blood-smeared tusks.

The story of the Elders of the Elders, who were maimed and imprisoned because of man’s greed.

Spirit elders, with so much to teach human beings, being humiliated and tortured.

Some songs need to be sung, no matter how unspeakable the horror of their truth is.

This is our family and it is still happening.

Tails are being cut off.

Loving, intelligent beings, far wiser than we are, are being murdered for fun and then photographed by triumphant, ignorant, cold-hearted killers.

The hymn of the Elephants could be such a different song.


Human beings sharing the Earth with them and honouring them as our elders,

loving them as our children,

laughing with them as our friends

and caring for them as our family.


The hymns of the Elephants could be the song in which the greatness of Human Beings emerges from the deep knowing of the greatness of our animal companions.

The hymn of our elders,

the Elephants.

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