The Sky and the Grass

During a sunny summers day, the sky and the grass started talking to each other. The sky said:

“You know, I am the one who reminds everyone of all the space outside of their own little world. I hold the living beings with my light canopy, helping them to lift their eyes and minds from their burdens.”

“That is beautiful and we love you for that” said the grass.

“I am the one who offers comfort and rest. All living beings can rest in my grounding softness. Walk, sleep, or be on their backs looking up at you.”

“That is earthly abundance indeed” said the sky.

The little human who overheard them talking joined in.

“I am the one who gets to love you both. I am resting on the green softness of the grass, connecting me to Mother Earth. And when I look up I see only vastness. A mighty kindness. So I am here to connect to you both, loving both Heaven and Earth.”

“I am not sure we need you to do that”, said father Sky. “But it does sound beautiful.”

Mother Earth said nothing. She just kept sending her love up through the grass straws, to anyone who wanted it.

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