The Song of the Dragonfly

The story of the Dragonfly is a strange tale.

It is a story for the aching heart, the tired mind, for the awaking soul.

When the Dragons left this dimension eons of time ago, or maybe just a second ago, to live, love and breathe more freely in a lighter dimension, it was decided they would keep two promises.

They would still inhabit the Earth, only shift their home frequency to another dimension. They would also leave visible helpers behind. These Dragonflies would remind human beings that the Dragons were still around.

The White Mother Dragon of stillness spoke before their ascension began.

“Our helpers will be of the element fire, but will live in water and therefore be a portal between worlds even in their physical form.

They carry our magic and heat but glinster like water. They will transmute sorrow and confusion with the frequency of their wings. They will help human beings understand that they can call for us in times of trouble.

Humans have forgotten that some of the bewinged helpers they can sense, are us. Dragons. Proud carriers of magic and fire. Tied to Mother Gaia since her birth.

The Dragonflies can hear you. We can hear you.

It hurts to wake up, but the beauty of it is beyond descriptions. Many tales will be told to try though.

So this is what we want you to know. When you see a Dragonfly, ask to hear its song. And know that we are near.”




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