Sacred River

The river was obstructed.

Manuela of the Elders had called to a tribe meeting.


Somewhere along our most honoured snake of sacred water, something is blocking the flow. Our ancient one is not moving the way she should.

If this continues the river will die and so will we. Unfortunately, she is blocked somewhere in the depth. We have to approach this differently as a tribe.

We will have to trust the sacred mirror and know that any action within will without fail be mirrored in the outer realm.

I have consulted our Ancestors, and this is what we have to do. We are all invited to take a sincere look at any big rocks that obstruct our own living water.

To give an example, I will share with you one of the obstructing rocks to my Soul’s flow. I worry too much. I know better, but still allow worry to block the flow that was given to me by birthright.

So today Beloveds, I declare to you that worry will be lifted and removed from my inner sacred river. I need to put into practice the wisdom that I have been taught:

That trust and surrender, next to soulful action, is the only way to life a life as big and light as it was intended.

It is our lineage of love to allow our rivers to flow freely.

I give you this task and I know that you will clear up your mutual, inner realm. Thank you for being the river.”

With these words, Manuela left and was not seen for months and months.

Many rocks were gently lifted from the stream when she was away. Jealousy. Fear. Resentment. Arrogance. Pride. Doubt.

In the spring when Manuela returned, they all celebrated together. The River had found its flow and the tribe was more radiant than ever.



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