The Starling and the Berries

Once upon a time in the mountains of a warm and sunny country, a Starling was busy harvesting the red berries he loved so much.

He had already picked seven of them from the tree and now he wanted to bring them to his nest. He flew away with one but then heard a sound behind him and immediately returned. He didn’t want anyone else to eat his berries.

He was wondering how to do this. Could he put all seven berries in his beak? He tried but could not fit more than three. He tried to grasp all seven berries with his feet but succeeded only with four and then accidentally squashed one.

Now, if you know anything about Starlings, you know that they move as one body, even in flocks of hundreds. They are like dancing clouds of dust, they bounce and swirl as if they are one with the mystic heart of everything.

Starling asked his friends to help him. They came in hundreds and they all brought one berry straight from the tree to their brother’s nest. It overflowed with red berries. Under it grew a shiny red hill of deliciousness.

When seeing all the abundance and the flowing movement of his own kin, Starling woke up.

He did not need to struggle and sit on more berries than he could eat in a day.

He asked his friends to all enjoy the berries they themselves had brought.

Then he set off to dance with the wind together with his flock.

Ant Ariel and the Underground Pyramid

You might think that they are not so significant, the ants. You can hardly see them, after all.

It is easy to shiver and tear up when seeing a majestic lion, an ancient giant mousse or an angelic giraffe. But an ant?

Let me tell you about a special friend of mine. Ariel the Ant started showing up in my dreams. All alone at first, he would simply make me curious in my dreams and have me follow him into his ant hill. (Sure, you can adjust your shape and size in your dreams.) There he would show me all kinds of stuff. Like how the pyramidical shape of an ant hill is mirrored under the ground and has one lowest point, the “tip”, where the guardian lives. And how their home was actually lit up from within, with light that seemed to emanate from themselves somehow. Like glow-in-the-dark-ants.

I could talk to him somehow and no one seemed surprised I was there. You could hear music in their pyramid and their home was some kind of connecting point in the woods. They would be hanging out and partying but now and then they had to head out and see to things in the woods. Clean up stuff, change the acidity in the ground somewhere for the moss.

One night we were sitting in one of the chambers when Ariel suddenly got really quiet.

“I need you to understand one thing about us,” he told me. “Have you understood that we are actually one being?”

I looked at him and laughed out loud. His friends, siblings and neighbours were coming and going, as always. Always moving, always busy.

“You might not be able to see it yet but we are actually one being.”

I didn’t know what to say because I figured he’d gone crazy, so I just nodded and then hurried back to my normal life, leaving my dreamtime friend.

One being. Did I not see thousands of ants move around building things and foraging for food?

I woke up in my bed and wondered what Ariel was talking about.

Months passed by and then turned into years. Hardships and age made me softer and more open to the unseen. One night, I found myself back with Ariel in the pyramid. Or rather, back in his home but he was not there, so I went looking for him. I scurried through endless rooms and dwindling aisles, up to the highest point and room by room looking for my friend until exhaustion got the better of me. I had to stop and rest.

As I relaxed, it seemed as if I could move sideways and up and down in a floating way and before I knew it I was feeling through and floating through walls and stairs and basement chambers. I was somehow shifting focus to feel and be the entire ant hill. I could feel every life, every consciousness but also the building itself. I felt it, I could even taste it. I could feel the ants outside of the ant hill, still one with the whole, just out working and foraging. There was a pulse, a silence, a presence.

One. It was me too, I was it and it was me.

So why would I look for Ariel, we weren’t just connected, we were somehow the same. The second I realized this, Ariel was right in front of me.

He could have said “I told you so” and “what took you so long”, but he just came close so we could enjoy the physical presence of each other too.

And that my friends, is the story of Ariel. A story of unseen allies and underground wonders.

I strongly recommend that you ask your own allies to make themselves known to you and tell you what you need to know.



The Raven son

Once upon a time, far far away, there was a Raven father looking out for a troubled child. His son was slower than the other ravens and there was something about one wing. It looked broken even though they had never actually seen him break it. It was just different and weak.

Whenever they had found food, all the ravens, seagulls and ducks rushed over to get a bite, to fill up before a cold winter. But his son was always too late. He was too late and he didn’t dare to get close enough. The other birds snatched the food before his eyes. He seemed hesitant even though he must have been so hungry.

In the beginning the father stayed close by and tried to help his son by getting the food for him and then plant it in front of him. Even then the son was too slow, seemed not to want the very thing he needed for survival and growth. After many frustrating days and nights the big, silky black Raven father decided to stay up in his tree and simply observe from a distance. Weeks of agony followed. His son was pecked at by other, bigger birds, he stumbled and starved and he remained silent and slow. He did not grow the way he should.

One day, when the father felt his chest contract with worry and overwhelm, his son actually fell into the water of the pond and disappeared. The father was out of his mind with worry and grief and flew over the water calling his son over and over again…until he could no more. Broken and suddenly small, he fell into a pile of just breathing and being. Sadness and silence.

What he did not know, was that his son had reached the world on the other side of the water, the mirrored world of this one. Sun warmed the shores where the raven son woke up, suddenly white in this world. He looked around and saw an abundance of berries and nuts hanging from the branches around him. There was all the time in the world and no one else to disturb his pace so he ate until he felt strong again and then fell into the deepest sleep.

In his dream he could see how loved he was. Even by strangers, human beings just passing by or throwing some bread in his direction. He could literally see the warmth emanating from his father’s gaze every time he looked his way.

He decided to become stronger and then return to the world he came from, where his father must be missing him greatly. After days and maybe even weeks and months of resting and eating, he finally felt ready to go back. He was bigger, shiny and suddenly looked like an impressive, adult Raven.

He looked around, held the mirror world with love in his heart before he inhaled deeply and DIVED down down, until light shimmered and the sounds of the other world returned.

He came flying out of the water as if spat out by a canon, scaring the feathers of most bewinged beings present at the pond this morning. The seagulls screamed like crazy witches, other Raven family members gurgled their surprise and fright. But one joyful scream cut the sky in two. The Raven father, who had not left the pond since the dreadful day, spread all his feathers broad and black and embraced his beloved son with dark angel wings.

Since that day, the birds share all their food, because the Raven son will see to it. He is strong enough to help others just like him and he does.

And that is the story of Black Silk Angels.